Some Background on Adamas Facet

Adamas Facet is the gemstone faceting division of Adamas Instrument Corporation.

Tom Smith founded Adamas Facet to provide diamond and colored stone faceting services to the trade, premium faceting equipment to professionals and dedicated hobbyists, and diamond cutting spindles to the diamond trade.

Tom became interested in improving faceting methods when the editor of Gems and Minerals magazine asked him to write several articles for that publication in 1985.

Since that time, Tom has designed a research diamond polishing system for the U.S. Navy, taught diamond cutting in the People's Republic of China, and invented several different polishing sticks, including the BlakStik™, and the Creamway™, Skyway™, Lightside™, Matrix™, Twistor™, and DiaMatrix™ laps manufactured by Gearloose Lapidary, LLC.

Tom has the rare distinction of both a professional diamond cutter and colored stone faceter, having received training in diamond cutting by Leo Frankfort who was trained at Asscher's in Holland, and from Morris Shelley, a colored stone faceter from Michigan.

You may read Adamas Facet sales policies here.