The Max™ Faceting Machine Base

The Adamas Max Base

The Adamas Max™ Base features an aluminum alloy enclosure with a Sapphire-like coating. No trees sacrificed in the construction of this machine and no woodchip rot.

We manufacture the base plate and splash pan from aluminum alloy that also get a Sapphire-like coating for scratch and corrosion resistance.

The base plate is flat and parallel to the motor platen which accomodates most masts. Note: Adamas does not recommend single rail on base plate systems which can be at least 0.1 degree different in orientation due to roll on the rail.

The Adamas Max Base

The Adamas Max Base

The motorized spindle features an arbor as an extension of the motor shaft with a precision machined aluminum alloy platen.

You secure your lap with our reversible, low profile 0.56 in. (14 mm.) knurled stainlesss steel nut 0.94 in. (24 mm.) in diameter. No tall nuts to smash your faceting work into.

The speed range of the motor extends from 50 to 2000 rpms, with a quiet, modern electronic drive. No belts and sheaves or rubber cones to make noise and vibration, wear out and require replacement.

We mount the on/off switch, CW/CCW rotation switch and the speed controller on the front of the machine, recessed and out of the way from hand/arm motion and spray from the lap.

The Adamas Max Base

Adamas features color adjustable and dimmable gooseneck LED lighting. Gone are the hot, glaring incandescent lighting fixtures from the 1950's found on most faceting machines.

The Max™ features three 24 volt dc power outlets so you can mount the light on the front left, front right, or back right.

We mount the durable and reliable Controllable Water Dispensor on a stainless steel post. No steel hoses that break or aluminum wires in fish tank hose that corrode.

The Adamas Max Base

The splash pan features a drop-in silicone rubber protector that acts as both a girdle gate and a cushion against accidental contact of the faceting work on the splash pan wall.

Place the protector in the pan during crown and pavilion faceting, then remove it for cutting and polishing the girdle. This gives you none of the watery mess from girdle cutting with a rubber splash pan, with the protection of a pliable pan wall.

Both the splash pan and silicone protector easily lift off for quick and thorough cleaning under a faucet.

The Adamas Max Base

Adamas is export friendly. If you reside in a 220 - 240 VAC 50 Herz country, no problem and no extra charge. Just specify your voltage and we do the rest. No special models or transformers needed.

The Adamas Max™ Base accomodates masts that fit into a slot in the base plate and that makes upgrading to a base with professional features easy.

Adamas designed the Max™ for easy transport. The side geometry yields carrying handles for conveniently loading it into your vehicle or up a flight of stairs. No more struggling with top heavy bases.

Adamas supplies each Max™ base with one meter of thick wall 12 mm. O.D. silicone rubber drain hose. We frown upon vinyl fish tank hose which becomes quite filthy on the inner diameter after a short period of use. Silicone hose is much easier to clean up and lasts longer.

Adamas includes soft corner protectors on each Max™ Base to help prevent injury to young children around the faceting machine.

The Max™ enclosure measures 12x22x3.63 in. (30x56x9 cm.) and weighs approximately 23 lb. (10.5 kg.)

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