Chemically Activated Slurries

Chemically Activated Slurries

Adamas has researched tribochemical polishing for use by the gem facetting community resulting in two complementary product lines, Adamas PCD Jel™ and chemically activated slurries.

Each slurry contains a highly purified oxide powder suspended into distilled water with a minute amount of preservative to inhibit microbe growth.

You can use these slurries undiluted directly applied on any metal alloy or polymer composite lap at low speeds to retain lap slurry, or diluted one part to nine parts purified water to make 1 liter of liquid for the drip tank. The latter method allows faster laps speeds.

Demiox™ works well as a polishing agent for both crystalline and amorphous silicas, such as amethyst, citrine, opal, and moldavite.

Zediox™ works well as a polishing agent for silicate and crystalline silica gem stones between 6 1/2 and 8 Mohs hardness. Use for a fine polish on morganite, heliodor, emerald, beryl, aquamarine and tanzanite. Particles from Zediox™ are much easier to remove from fissures in emerald than chromium oxide.

Kassiox™ often works on materials that do not respond satisfactorily to other oxide or diamond polishes, such as Jade. It is an oxide of last resort.

CAS™ can be used with Adamas BlueBasic™ or AmberAcid™ to create an alkaline or acidic slurry.

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