The Controllable Water Dispensor

Controllable Water Dispensor

Adamas developed the CWD™ as a rugged, reliable water dispensor for faceting at a competitive price. The CWD™ features full impact resistant plastic construction, an industrial quality regulation valve and reticulated hose (no clumsy aquarium hoses and brass fittings, or metal gooseneck hoses that break off), an axis-centered post mounting sleeve (no strained, cantilevered mounting), and a vented screw-on cover (no nuisance spills).

The CWD™ features a generous 950 ml. capacity which means less trips to the sink for refills. The CWD™ mounts to a standard 1/2 inch (12.7 mm.) diameter post.

Imagine what would happen to your current drip tank in this position.

No major spills

Adamas has designed the CWD™ for ease of use. To fill, switch the valve off, unscrew the closure, fill the container, screw on the closure. To use, mount the CWD™ on the drip tank post, position the hose where you want it, adjust the valve to the drip frequency you want, and you are ready to facet.

CWD container dimensions: 9 cm. diameter 17 cm. high

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