Dopping Adhesive Microflake System™

Dopping Adhesive Microflake System

Adamas produced DAMS™ with the needs of professional and dedicated hobbyist faceters in mind.

They prefer a dopping adhesive that bonds and solidifies quickly, that is tough and rigid, and that debonds quickly when the job is done.

DAMS™ consists of a vial of the hotmelt adhesive microflakes and a small jar of adhesive microflakes with some added minerals.

You add a small amount of denatured alcohol to the jar to dissolve the microflakes and disperse the minerals. You apply this liquid to the surfaces you want to dop and allow the liquid to gel.

DAMS Liquid

You then clamp the gemstone and dop together in a transfer jig, after which you apply heat to solidify the bond. When dopping the pavilion, you add the adhesive microflakes as well to the pavilion dop, clamp and heat.

You may download the DAMS™ information sheet for full instructions here.