Oil Soluble Only Diamond Compounds for Faceting

Oil Soluble Only Diamond Compound

Adamas supplies oil soluble only diamond compounds to not wash off chargeable laps with water coolant.

We offer six particle sizes ranging from faceting use to fine prepolishing. These compounds have been formulated with the same grade of monocrystalline diamond used in Adamas metal bonded diamond wheels.

Adamas oil soluble only diamond compounds are packaged as generous 20 grams of compound in a polymer syringe sealed with a stainless steel plug.

Adamas recommends using OSO™ compound on the BATT lap or Zinc+ lap for faceting and pre-polishing.

Dimensions of syringe excluding plunger and dispensing tip: 21 mm. diameter x 90 mm. long. (0.8 inch diameter x 3.5 inches long)