The DiaMatrix Lap

The DiaMatrix polishing lap

The DiaMatrix was developed by Adamas founder, Tom Smith, as a harder variant of the Matrix lap, providing faceters with a predictable polishing session, very flat facets and very sharp facet meets. This ceramic/polymer composite product is a superior replacement for ceramic laps.

This lap has a permanent microporous surface which accepts diamond powder for a fast polish at slow lap speeds and a narrow sweep.

The DiaMatrix lap was designed to polish gem materials 8 Mohs and harder.

Ever had difficulties in polishing Topaz, Cubic Zirconia, Chrysoberyl, Alexandrite, Ruby, Sapphire or Moissonite? No problem with the DiaMatrix.

Overall Depth: 1/3"" (8 mm.) for 8" lap, 1/4"" (6 mm.) for 6" lap
Arbor: 1/2" (12.7 mm.) ID arbor standard

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