The Adamas Dop Stand

Adamas Dop Stand

Adamas developed the ADS™ for multiple uses with Adamas 3/8 inch (9.5 mm.) dops. The ADS™ firmly holds the dop upright to make adding adhesive to the dop, inspection, and undopping easier. You can raise the dop from stand bottom and it secure it in a higher position for safer dop heating.

The ADS™ is machined from stainless steel for rust resistance, weight and durability. To secure a dop in the ADS™, you lightly tighten it in with our unique, ergonomic stainless steel lever screw.

ADS in action

ADS in action

The Adamas Dop Stand compliments the use of the Setup and Transfer Fixture.

ADS™ dimensions: 25 mm. outer diameter, 48 mm. high with a 10 mm. inner diameter 43 mm. deep.

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