Diamond Powder for Gemstone Polishing

polycrystalline diamond powder

Adamas supplies premium quality diamond powder for fast, ultra fine polished surfaces.

This diamond powder is manufactured by an explosion process, yielding black, polycrystalline, rounded particles.

This powder disperses in deionized water to form a slurry containing particles that roll between the lap and facet surface. Polishing speed is shorter and surface finish is finer compared to single crystal powder.

Adamas sells diamond powder for polishing at a minimum of 10 carats quantity in two different grades:
0 - 0.5 micron
0 - 1.0 micron
Finer particle ranges polish more slowly without a noticable improvement in surface finish.

We recommend diamond powder for polishing gemstones 8 Mohs or greater in hardness or for soft materials that do not polish well with oxides.

DiaStik Diamond Compound

Pandimonium Diastiks

Gearloose DiaStiks provide a clean and convenient way to pre-polish and polish gem materials which is both soluable in oil and water-based slurries.

The polycrystalline DiaStik is available in polishing grit sizes of 13,000 mesh, 60,000 mesh, and 100,000 mesh.

The monocrystalline DiaStik is available in polishing, pre-polishing and roughing grit sizes of 600 mesh, 1200 mesh, 3,000 mesh, 8,000 mesh, 14,000 mesh and 100,000 mesh.

Adamas recommends using the DiaStiks on the BATT lap for roughing and pre-polishing.