EzyView™ Rough Transparency Fluid

EzyView™ Rough Transparency Fluid

Faceters and lapidaries require a safe, clear, colorless fluid with a relatively high refractive index for inspecting rough for zoning, flaws and star orientation.

Unlike other such fluids on the market, EzyView™ does not solidify at cool temperatures and you can use it well below the freezing point of water.

The EzyView™ kit consists of a hexagonal immersion jar containing 120 ml. of EzyView™ fluid for inspection of rough with transmitted light, and a twist top drop bottle containing 60 ml. of EzyView™ fluid for application to the gemstone surface viewing with reflected or transmitted light.

Adamas sells EzyView™ only as a consumer product for occasional use.

You can download the full instructions for use of the EzyView™ kit here.

Please note that Adamas does not ship the EzyView™ kit during the months of July and August.