Mark 5XL Faceting Machine

Graves Mark 5XL Faceting Machine

The Mark 5XL faceting head features an electronic angle scale that is repeatable to better than .02 degrees, calibrated 0-90 degrees to 2 arc-minutes (+/-.03 degrees). Precision laboratory grade electronics are used throughout the design all housed in solid CNC machined aluminum. In cutting tests, it has approximately ten times the sensitivity of an LED "Down Light", and allows cutting "To the Numbers". This method of faceting allows you set your angle, index setting and depth, then simply let the easy to read digital display tell you when to stop cutting. A little practice and you will be amazed at how easy and fast you can finish a beautiful faceted gemstone.

A ¾ inch case hardened stainless steel mast provides rigidity to avoid over cutting due to mast defection. The coarse height adjustment collar will not drop when loosened and provides a fast setting. The fine height adjustment is a 1 inch micrometer head with .001" increment marking.

A solid aluminum quill and main housing with precision ball bearings to support the quill and angle shaft, and a durable e-coat finish complete the design. A 9 volt battery powers the electronics providing up to 250 hours of cutting time. No wires or power supplies to get in the way.

MARK 5XL Faceting Machine. Includes the following:

Mark 4 Faceting Machine Base

Mark 5XL Digital Faceting Head

96 Index Plate

Transfer Fixture

Table Dop

Standard Dop Set (14 Assorted dops)

Drip tank and work lamp

The book "Fundamental Faceting"

Mark 5XL Faceting Head and Mast

Graves Mark 5XL Mast and Head

The Mark 5XL Faceting Head and Mast will replace most obsolete protractor faceting heads. The 5XL is an inexpensive way to upgrade your elderly faceting machine.

Adamas recommends the Professional Dop Set which provides you with 30 round dops total, 10 conical, 10 flat, and 10 grooved, ranging from 1.5 mm. up to 25 mm.

Graves Professional Dop Set

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