Osculaps™ for Dome and Cabachon Polishing

Adamas manufactures durable laps that enable the faceter to pre-polish and final polish domes and cabachons on their faceting machines.

These pads are composed of non-woven ballistic fabric impregnated with polyurethane. This combination withstands the forces of lapping while holding slurry.

The Firm lap has greater rigidity that facilitates pre-finishing and bottom flats, while the Pliable lap has more give which facilitates high quality dome polishing.

The cutter can use either oxide or diamond powders with these laps.

The Pliable lap has a 1.5 mm. layer of synthetic elastomer under the fabric that allows conformance to the cab surface.

These laps are not flat like laps for faceting. You will notice some vertical runout.

These laps have polycarbonate base plates with a 1/2" arbor hole.