Business Policies for Services

Adamas does not do business with those persons having a felony (serious crime) history.

Payment for services are due and payable in full upon completion of work unless agreed otherwise in a written contract.

We charge a minimum consulting fee of US$75.00 for examining colored stone rough which may include sawing, rough grinding, and determining refractive index, if necessary.

We charge a minimum faceting fee of US$150.00 for cutting rough colored stones.

All complete faceting work constitutes production of a custom good.

Gemstone repairs and rough cutting are done on a best effort basis. The customer accepts that particular gem materials vary in chemical and physical properties which may effect the outcome of a process related to dopping, grinding and polishing.

If customer does not remit payment within three days upon notification of completion of a job, Adamas Instrument Corporation reserves the right to assess a US$3.00/day storage fee.

Adamas will not accept diamonds with a clarity grade of I2 or I3 for repair or recut. Adamas will only accept I1 clarity grade diamonds for minor recut. By far, stones of those clarity grades have presented the most recutting problems and the lowest customer satisfaction.

Business Policies for Merchandise

Adamas does not do business with those persons having a felony (serious crime) history.

Adamas only negotiates with and sells to the ultimate recipient of the merchandise (the principal). Adamas does not negotiate with or sell to agents.

Adamas has the obligation to charge Florida Sales Tax on merchandise sold for delivery in the State of Florida or to any entities with a presense in the State of Florida. Adamas quotes prices exclusive of Sales Tax, as is the custom in U.S. commerce. Adamas never quotes or sells merchandise "sales tax included". Any cash, cheque or money order received by Adamas for payment of merchandise that does not include payment of Florida Sales Tax, where said tax is applicable, will be considered a partial payment with Sales Tax due and payable.

The customer shall report damages to any shipment within 48 hours of receipt to Adamas and shall be responsible for filing a damage claim with the carrier in a timely manner. Adamas will not accept damaged or customer modified machinery for exchange or refund. Adamas does not and will not manufacture or supply custom goods. Adamas always charges for shipping and the vendor for shipping is at the sole discretion of Adamas.

All polymer/ceramic composite laps sold by Adamas have been designed for use at slow speeds on faceting machines with variable speed control by means of SCR or PWM boards. Adamas advises against using composite laps on fixed speed machines such as jamb peg and Imahashi (or clones thereof), as stones may crack from heat shock at high speeds. Almost all modern faceting machines manufactured in the USA, Australia, France and Germany have variable speed control.

Adamas provides tech support only to those who have purchased merchandise from Adamas. Those who are not Adamas customers and have questions or issues with a non-Adamas manufactured product should ask the dealer who sold you the item, or the manufacturer.

Adamas accepts only cleared cheques, debit cards, credit cards, and wire transfers for payment. We do not accept paypal. Here's why. And they are not your pal.

The buyer has an obligation to provide Adamas with a current and correct shipping address prior to a price quotation. The buyer has the obligation to notify Adamas in writing of any changes of shipping or billing addresses between the date of order and date of shipment. Resultant changes in shipping cost may create a debit or credit to the buyer. Adamas shall have no liability for any goods shipped to an incorrect address provided by the buyer.

On shipments destined out of the United States, Adamas will only ship directly to the buyer's foreign address, to a temporary, legally contracted U.S. address of the buyer with a receiving department, or ship to a U.S.-based freight forwarding company. Adamas will not ship to any other third party in the U.S. or elsewhere.

To residential addresses, Adamas only ships complete faceting machines, faceting machine bases, masts and faceting heads with a "Hold for Pickup" restriction. The purchaser will be required to receive such items at the carrier's office or hub with the presentation of legal identification.

Adamas does not ship to India and hence, does not quote for any goods that would ship to that destination.

Adamas will only ship to Israel through Fedex due to issues with lost merchandise by Israel Post. This does increase the shipping cost to the buyer.