Colored Stone Recutting

Colored Stone Recutting

Adamas recuts your colored stones for best light reflection or maximum yield. Colored stones typically abrade on the exposed portion, i.e. the crown. Recutting the crown, and sometimes removing chips on the girdle, can greatly improve the appearance and value of a colored stone.

Colored stones that are cut solely for weight retention often have little attraction due to light not reflecting from the pavilion back to the crown. Adamas can recut the pavilion, and crown if necessary, to produce a spectacular gem.

Adamas can fully cut colored stones for precise pave' settings. Just provide a slightly longer or wider gemstone and we do the rest.

Adamas uses only customized, accurate faceting equipment.

Contoured Boring

Gemstone contoured boring

Adamas offers contoured boring into colored stones by special order. There are lapidaries who can bore round holes into gemstones. However, if you require a special shape bored into a gemstone, please contact us for a quote.

Diamond Recutting

Diamond Recutting

Adamas can recut chipped and old style cuts for weight retention or brilliance. We have surprised customers with their diamonds cut to ideal proportions, improving the appearance and value.

Adamas now can produce Triple X cuts which brings the crown, pavilion and girdle to proper angles, tolerance and polish.

At Adamas, we view gemstone faceting as an art and a science, both of which we have mastered.

Emerald Oiling

An Emerald before oiling.

Emerald before oiling

The same Emerald after oiling.

Emerald after oiling

Adamas deep-cleans fissures that surface on Emeralds, then fills those fissures with unadulterated Cedarwood oil to improve the transparency.

Adamas only uses real Cedarwood oil, never other mislabled conifer oils with lower refractive indices.

Please contact us to discuss your Emerald.

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