The Adamas Silitong™

Adamas Silitongs

The founder of Adamas found the need for a holding tool that was inexpensive, rust resistant, heat resistant, solvent resistant and had large, soft pads for gripping both rough and polished gemstones. The Adamas Silitong™ firmly holds gems whether warm off the dop or room temperature in alcohol.

The Silitong™ has a stainless steel handle for rust resistance and durability, and silicone padded grips for firm holding, with heat and solvent resistance.

Adamas silitongs

While the pads are heat resistant, keep those distant from a flame or a hot air gun flow.

Adamas sells each Silitong™ in a randomly chosen color of blue, green or red.

Silitong™ length: 140 mm. handle thickness: 1 mm. oval silicone pad dimensions: 37 x 30 x 3 mm.

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