Sintered Laps

metal bonded cutting lap

Adamas distributes metal bonded diamond laps for faceting.

If you are a hobbyist who cuts only a few stones in a year, a charged Tin+ or Zinc+ lap may be more economical.

If you are a professional or active hobbyist, then metal bonded diamond laps will save you money during the life of the lap.

We supply metal bonded laps in 15 and 20 cm. diameter for roughing and faceting.

Unlike conventional hobby laps with a low diamond concentration, we only offer industrial standard concentrations of diamond in metal bond.

Adamas has developed a diamond wheel technology to greatly reduce subsurface damage from use of the Roughing lap and tear-out scratching from use of the Faceting lap.

The Roughing Lap produces a finish similar to a conventional sintered 600 mesh diamond lap, but more consistent over the facet surface. The cutting action is also rather aggressive, making it useful for preforming.

Adamas offers two faceting laps: One for general use and a special order lap for most gem materials under 8 Mohs. These laps provide a consistent finish slightly finer than a conventional sintered diamond 1200 mesh lap. The 9M lap has a particularly soft metal bond, so the faceter who uses it must use care not to dent the metal matrix.

While Nephrite (metamorphically felted Actinolite and/or Tremolite), Omphacite and Jadeite Jade are 6-7 Mohs hardness, the 12M diamond wheel works best for prepolishing those polycrystalline materials.

We apply strict quality control to ensure you do not receive a lap with the wrong grit size or balance holes drilled into the diamond matrix like some hobby laps.

You can also use these laps in both clockwise and counter clockwise rotation without redressing, unlike some hobby laps.

On the 20 cm. diameter laps, every lap has a sintered diamond layer 70 mm. wide, 4 mm. thick brazed to a high carbon steel plate.

On the 15 cm. diameter laps, every lap has a sintered diamond layer 50 mm. wide, 4 mm. thick brazed to a high carbon steel plate.

All laps have been trued and dynamically balanced.

When the cutting action of the lap significantly slows down, you dress the lap surface with a special aluminum oxide dressing stick, which Adamas sells.

Adamas recommends the following maximum material removal rates per pass on each lap to minimize plastic deformation of the facet surface, commonly known as "orange peel":

32M, 13 microns per pass
12M, 4 microns per pass
9M, 3 microns per pass

Please note that these industrial diamond laps have a greater height, 16 mm. and 14 mm., than typical laps used in faceting which measure around 9 mm. If the distance between the platen surface and top of the splash pan on your machine is close to 20 mm. you will have to employ a drop-in extension of the splash pan to use these sintered laps without water splatter around the machine.

The additional thickness prevents warping and dishing and allows sufficient depth for drilled dynamic balancing holes without drilling into the sintered layer.

Specifications for the 20 cm. lap:
Overall Depth: 16 mm.
Weight: 7.9 Lbs. (3.6 kg.)
Arbor: 1/2" (12.7 mm.) ID arbor standard

Specifications for the 15 cm. lap:
Overall Depth: 14 mm.
Weight: 4.2 Lbs. (1.9 kg.)
Arbor: 1/2" (12.7 mm.) ID arbor standard

For storage protection of 20 cm. Adamas sintered diamond wheels, follow this The WheelShell Containerlink.

Please read our diamond wheel advice publication here.

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