The Adamas SpatterWall™

Adamas SpatterWall

Ever notice some swarf spatter around your faceting machine from the facet as you are cutting it?

Adamas has solved that with the SpatterWall™, a stainless steel reinforced silicone structure that clamps onto the top edge of your splash pan.

On the splash pan for 8 inch (20 cm) wheels of the Adamas Max, the SpatterWall™ covers approximately 120 degrees. On a machine for 6 inch (15 cm) wheels, the SpatterWall™ would cover approximately 180 degrees.

The SpatterWall™ can be mounted to the splashpan with clamping that accomodates up to 6 mm. wall width, or reversed so that the wall rests between the finger clips, which will accomodate up to a 10 mm. wall width.

Adamas SpatterWall

The SpatterWall™ is easy to clean with tap water and it does not react with swarf or FFC™ dilution.

Note: The width of the top surface of the splash pan cannot exceed 10 mm. and you must have at least 8 mm. clearance between the lap periphery and the wall of the splash pan to be able to mount the SpatterWall™

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