Diamond Polishing Spindles

Coborn Standard Polishing Spindle Coborn Air-Flow Polishing Spindle

Coborn scaife (or skive) spindles are precision instruments designed for years of continuous use for diamond polishing.

These spindles have an unmatched reputation in the gem and industrial diamond industry. Spindles are direct drive motors for the scaif plate and normally sold to be fitted to the customer's own benches. The options are:
Horsepower (1.5hp or 3hp / 1.1kW or 2.2kW)
Fixed or variable height
Standard or self pressurized, air-flow type

If only one diamond is being polished, 1.5hp will be adequate; 3hp is better for multiple users or fixtures.

The Expanding Nose is a very important feature, which ensures the scaife plate is centralised onto the spindle axis for smoother running and makes the changing of scaif plates much easier.

As plates wear, they must be re-machined occasionally. If fixtures are carefully set, then it is useful to be able to raise or lower the height of the plate surface to maintain its working level. A variable spindle is available.

Coborn recommends that dust be removed constantly during use to protect operators. An air-flow type spindle is available.This uses the natural centrifugal action of the high speed rotation of the plate to draw air and dust into the bowl beneath and then to a filter or external exhaust.

Adamas Precision Benches for Coborn Adjustable Height Spindles

Adamas offers a rugged, precisely machined bench and benchtop for Coborn spindles. We use aerospace grade, anodized aluminum alloy extrusions that can be securely fastened together to form a more easily transportable bench than the old welded and ground steel bases.

The benchtop incorporates a layer of vibration dampening stainless steel cells sandwiched between two sheets of magnetic stainless steel. The center has been machined to accept and fasten the Coborn Adjustable Height Spindle.

Here are three views of the Adamas Precision Bench less the power connector, line reactor and electronic motor controller.

Operator area view of bench

Corner view of bench

Side view of bench

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