Tribochemical Polishing System for Gemstones

Adamas has researched the polishing of optical components with the objective of providing advanced faceters with a system to produce ultra fine polishes on faceted gemstones.

You start this process with the LapSponge™ which effectively removes non-embedded particulate matter on the surface of a lap not removed by normal cleaning methods. Each sponge is cut from a block of open microcell copolymer foam.

Adamas LapSponge#8482

Next, you apply the Adamas PCD Jel™ to the cleaned lap using the Silispreader™, or in other cases, a chemically activated oxide slurry to the cleaned lap using the Silibrush™.

Adamas PCD Jel#8482

You follow this by creating an neutral, acid or alkaline chemical environment on the lap surface by mixing the abrasive with distilled water, AmberAcid™ or BlueBasic™

Adamas pH solutions

Using a low rotational speed, you polish each facet tribochemically, that is, utilizing both a microabrasive and chemical erosion of the facet surface. Adamas PCD Jel™ contains a water soluble lubricant, so it does not require any lubricant additives. As water evaporates from the slurry, you replenish it by spraying purified (distilled or deionized) water on the slurry and mixing with the Silibrush™ as necessary.

Information on Adamas chemically activated oxide slurries can be viewed here.