TwoZone™ Wheels

Adamas Instrument Corporation and Gearloose Lapidary LLC have collaborated to create a breakthrough faceting product we have trade named the TwoZone™ wheel.

TwoZone wheel

The TwoZone™ wheel has a Twistor2 outer ring for faceting and prepolishing with an inner polishing ring. The wheel surface is flat and parallel to ensure identical facet placement from faceting to polishing and dynamically balanced to not add vibration to your machine when in use.

TwoZone wheel

The TwoZone™ wheel is available at present in three combinations: Twistor2/DiaMatrix, Twistor2/Creamway and Twistor2/Alpha. The Creamway and Alpha combinations are water drip only wheels, while the DiaMatrix combination requires the application of a diamond compound to the inner polishing ring.

TheTwoZone™ wheel was created to help high quality production cutters reduce time per stone and no charging of the faceting ring with diamond compound. Also, no significant "lemon peel" surfaces, scratching or facet rounding.

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